This was us with our inspiration for Imp Prints Co, and below before kids at all

When Ina and Steve Paton started Imp Prints Co. There wasn’t a product like it on the market. After using regular finger paint to make hand prints one Mother’s day, we recognized the need for an easier, quicker way to get the job done. As the first product of it’s kind and with over a million sold, we say mission accomplished.

Above is us (Ina & Steve) before kids and Imp Prints Co, and at top, with them.  Below is us today. We can say from experience that as kids grow up, being their parents remains “the best thing we ever did”. It changes of course but is always good, and always interesting. Our advice for new parents is: expect and embrace humor,take pictures and videos, put away some stories, poems and  art.

Most important, try if at all possible, to make it easy enough on yourself during their younger years, so that you can get the amount of rest you need to enjoy your parenting life. You won’t regret it.

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